Forbidden Comedy Presents “Friendzone” – A Hilarious Anti-Valentine’s Day Extravaganza

BRATTLEBORO, VT — Get ready to turn Valentine’s Day upside down with Forbidden Comedy’s “Friendzone,” a riotous stand-up comedy and burlesque show that celebrates the humor in heartbreak. Starring an all-star lineup of comedians and burlesque performers, this event promises an unforgettable evening of laughter, entertainment, and a fresh take on the anti-Valentine’s Day spirit. […]

Forbidden Comedy: Sarcasm & Silk – A Post-Valentine’s Day Extravaganza

EASTHAMPTON, MA Get ready for a night of laughter, seduction, and entertainment as Forbidden Comedy presents “Sarcasm & Silk,” an after-Valentine’s Day burlesque and stand-up comedy show. This unique and daring event is set to take place at the Marigold Theater, located at 84 Cottage Street, Easthampton, MA, on February 16th. Stellar Lineup: The stage […]

Laugh Holyoke Laugh

Holyoke, July 15th and August 19th – Get ready to laugh until your sides hurt as the “Laugh Holyoke Laugh” stand-up comedy series arrives this summer, promising an unforgettable evening of laughter, wit, and entertainment. The series will showcase two exceptional comedians, Darren Rivera and Phillip Anthony, as they take the stage to deliver their […]